Wessex Woodland Management Ltd are a Hungerford based private company offering bespoke management and contract services to woodland owners throughout the south of England to the private and public sector.

It is important that a full range of high quality service is offered to their clients, which includes arboricultural matters as part of their woodland management package. They rely on a trusted sub-contractor work-force to deliver this.

EJM Tree Services Ltd has been a part of this trusted team of sub-contractors for 10 years, representing their company and delivery a high standard of work that they and their client’s have come to expect.

“Their staff are polite and congenial whilst carrying out their work in a safe and professional manner. Essentially EJM Tree Services Ltd is a company that we can depend on to represent Wessex Woodland Management Ltd and we would not hesitate to call upon them to deliver an exceptional standard of work.”

Jamie StewartManager