Tree Services

Tree Felling or Dismantling is the complete removal of a tree – this process is always carried out in a safe manner and the trees surroundings are taken into account when the tree is removed, either by dismantling or use of a winch to ensure safe direction of fell.

Dead, Dying, Dangerous or Nuisance Trees are hazardous and pose a significant risk to public, buildings and roads. Any tree posing this problem is removed in safest conditions.

Crown Thin is the removal of a small portion of secondary and small live branches to produce an even spaced branch structure. Thinning also involves crown cleaning and does not alter the size or shape of the tree. Common reasons for crown thinning are to allow more light to pass through the tree or lessen weight on heavy branches.

Crown Lifting is the removal of the lowest branches, good practice dictates crown lifting should not involve the removal of large stems from the trunk, as this can cause large wounds which can become extensively decayed.  Common reasons for crown lifting are to allow more light clear and give access over paths and roadways.

Crown Reduction is carried out to reduce the height and spread of the tree’s crown by removing the end of the branches whilst maintaining its original shape. Crown reduction is often used to reduce mechanical stress on individual branches or the whole tree.  The final result should retain the main framework of the crown, and so a significant proportion of the leaf bearing structure, and leave a similar, although smaller outline, and not necessarily achieve symmetry for its own sake.

Crown Dead Wooding involves the removal of weak, dying or broken branches to prevent hazard, removing only those that pose a risk.  Durability and retention of deadwood will vary by tree species.

Pollarding is the removal of branches from the trunk, usually removing the top of a young tree to encourage multistep branching from that point.  Once pollarded trees will require regular treatment for re-growth.

Coppicing is traditionally carried out on certain species of tree, primarily Hazel or Sweet Chestnut – it is when a tree is cut down to approximately 30cm off the ground to allow regeneration.

Hedge Cutting

Regular trimming on an annual basis helps to maintain hedgerows. August is the optimum time for this to be done as this will not result in very much new growth for the following nine months, giving the maximum period of neatness.

Stump Grinding

Our up to date equipment allows the removal of trees stumps with the minimum of ground disturbance. We tackle any size of stump, from just a few inches up to the largest stump imaginable. We grind the tree stumps and surface roots to 300mm below ground level which allows replanting or ground preparation for just about any purpose.

Grindings are generally left in the whole for settlement.

Site Clearance

With the necessary equipment to operate safely and efficiently, we can undertake site and scrub clearance from small private gardens to large development sites.  Our team and equipment provide a safe and efficient work site, minimising risk and promoting health and safety at all times.  All operatives are CSCS qualified and EJM Is CHAS Accredited.

Tree Surveys

EJM are also specialists in roadside tree maintenance. Carrying out necessary work on trees where their crowns encroach a public highway or public right of way and showing significant deadwood or danger. We are fully equipped to carry out this work with the minimum amount of fuss and if necessary where road lane closure is needed we are qualified to set up, operate and dismantle road traffic management systems. 

We can arrange also for a qualified Arboricultural Consultant to undertake tree hazard assessment surveys both on a domestic and commercial basis and make recommendations for remedial management if need be, implement a tree safety policy and specify any works that require attention. 


We deliver a high standard of timber fencing for both Domestic and Commercial Customers. Using locally sourced materials of high standards, we are able to supply and install the following styles of fencing:

Latch lap panels
Post and rail
Agricultural fencing
Timber gates and posts

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